Mercier Therapy

A case study from 2013 showed that in women receiving Mercier Therapy fertility massage, 83% were pregnant within one year after treatment. 80% became pregnant naturally using only Mercier Therapy and mapping their own cycle.

The study included 48 women in the ages 28-42 years. 32 of these became pregnant naturally with Mercier Therapy alone. 8 people used Mercier Therapy and some form of assisted fertilization.

About Dr. Jennifer Mercier

"My passion is serving women with fertility issues, pelvic pain, general wellness matters, holistic breast care and newborn/infant craniosacral balancing.  
During my undergraduate years I was preparing to attend medical school and at the same time was diagnosed with endometriosis and went to massage therapy school. In the early 90's I worked as a clinician for the Center for Human Reproduction and learned so many amazing things as well as how broken the system really is with regard to how women are treated with fertility challenges. The cycles very rarely worked and when they did there were a lot of pregnancy losses. It started me thinking about the pelvic organs and how could we get this area to work more effectively. Women were undergoing numerous medically assisted cycles, how could this process be less emotionally and physically charging?  I observed marriages end and couples second mortgage their home just to undergo one more IVF cycle just for it to fail again. It broke my heart. Years later when I decided not to go to medical school I gave it some thought on how to proceed so I could effectively serve women with fertility challenges in a non-invasive way."

"Being fertile is the most natural process within our body and when it seems stuck, weak or broken we will jump in and help."
- Dr Jennifer Mercier


"I ultimately decided to go into Midwifery and trained by apprentice in a myriad of different settings such as birth center, home and hospital. Over a span of 15 years I took care of women and their babies in a very gentle and respectful manor. I so enjoyed this part of my life and still communicate with these wonderful families. I thank them for allowing me into such an intimate part of their lives. 
I also trained as a Naturopathic Doctor and graduated in 2007 from a wonderful program that had to close it's doors due to low enrollment. 
Instead of choosing a traditional Naturopathic school which focuses on a more medical approach to natural health, I chose one with a curriculum devoted to the study and application of the traditional Naturopathic philosophy. This way of thinking enhanced even further my passion about how women's health and lifestyle have a profound effect on overall wellness and health. I've done additional academic programs in Naturopathic Gynecology, Physical Manipulation and Functional Endocrinology to narrow my focus on these areas of practice. 
Taking it yet one step further, I decided to study at an even greater level the effect that hormones and environmental chemicals would have on the body by enrolling in a PhD program with a small, private school. 
I enjoyed my training program immensely and have used my knowledge as an ND in practice daily. Since graduating I've traveled the world studying with as well as educating some amazing professionals in my field."