Mercier Therapy Sweden work from a functional medicine perspective, with great interest in optimal health and fertility and how to support the body naturally. Individual-based lifestyle medicine means that we focus on you and your unique situation. We take the time to listen and we find solutions together as a team based on personal situation, symptoms, possible diagnosis and lifestyle.

We don't see your symptoms as the problem itself, instead we look for the root cause of the symptoms. A healthy and balanced body is fertile. For us, optimal health and fertility optimization is not just about wanting to get pregnant, but instead we look at fertility as a sign of health where the body is so in balance that it can prioritize the reproductive systems.

"Being fertile is the most natural process within our body
and when it seems stuck, weak or broken we will jump in and help."
- Dr Jennifer Mercier


Mercier Therapy is a soft tissue visceral manipulation technique used to help restore the health and general wellbeing within the female pelvis. The treatment takes place on the outside of the body around the pelvis's various areas and organs. Mercier Therapy ensures that the organs in the pelvic area have the right position, full mobility and blood flow for optimal function. 

A 2013 casestudy utilizing the Mercier protocol for women with fertility challenges supported many positive outcomes for the participants. As a matter of fact, 83% of the women became pregnant within a year of finishing the Mercier Therapy Shared Journey Fertility program. The majority of these women had no medical intervention and just monitored their own cycles.

In addition to fertility optimization, we also help with hormone balancing and issues like PCOS, endometriosis, anovulatory cycles, amenorrhea, myomas, scar tissue and when you've stopped taking hormonal birth control.

We work closely together with Swedish OB/gyn, midwives, endocrinologists and GP:s. If needed we may refer to them for examinations and regular lab-work. We also have close connections with
cbt-therapists, medicinal yoga intructors and doulas. Our network of international ND:s, MD:s and physiotherapists are also a great resource.